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Napton History Project

A new Facebook page has been established called “Historic Napton On The Hill” on URL 

This is currently a “closed group”, but membership is available for anyone with an interest in the history of the village.

Napton Parish Employment Community Programme

The Napton Parish Employment Community Programme, sponsored by the Napton Parish Council and organised by the Rural Warwickshire Agency, backed, by the Manpower Services Commission would like to thank the following people for their time and assistance (and the tea and cakes!!!) in bringing the history project to it’s final conclusion – without them this booklet would not exist….

The Reverend Peter Jackson                    Winifred Alsop

Mr W. Baird                                          Nora Balsom

Jenny Batchelor                                    Mrs E. Baynton

Mr & Mrs F. Beacher                              Olive Bean

Mary Bloxham                                       Len Bradbury

Mrs E. Cox                                           Esme Dowling

Mrs Eadon                                           Mary Fell

Joe Fell                                               Amy Fessey

Tom French                                         Harold French

Daisy Gulliver                                       Mr & Mrs E. Jones-Gill

Sam Gill                                              Gladys Gill

Marjorie Green                                     Ailsa Gwyther

Bert Hallet                                          Marian Hyde

Mr & Mrs S. Line                                  Harold Mallaban

Mr & Mrs Bill Neal                                Peggy Shinner

Eve Payne                                          Pem Poulton

Mrs T. Houghton                                 George Shelton

Martha & Albert Shergold                     Mr & Mrs Albert Taylor

Mr & Mrs Ron Taylor                            Hilda & Douglas Warner

Doris Watson                                      Amy Worral

Mark Gordon                                      Arthur French

Alf Fletcher

Also staff at Warwick County Records Office,  Leamington Spa Library and the Southam Library.

The booklet was researched by Amaia Portelli and Alison Auld and researched and written by Ann McPherson and Diana Griffin.


Volume 1

1. Introduction and General History

2. The Church of St. Lawrence

3. The Napton Charities

4. The Windmill

5. The Canals of Napton

6. The Brickworks

7. Transport

8. Farm life


Volume 2

1. The School

2. The War Years

3. Entertainment & Celebration

4. Life Below Stairs

5. Provisions & Food

6. Health & Welfare

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