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Napton Environmental Action Team – NEAT

Meet the ?NEAT? – Napton Environmental Action Team

A new group to tackle environmentally related issues within the Parish is in the process of formation.  This initiative follows on from the ?Creating Low Carbon Communities? event held in the Village Hall in June.  NEAT?s objectives will be to actively promote both the small, and sometimes, potentially large changes needed for a truly sustainable future ? one that protects the interests of future generations (as well as our own) and regenerates the natural environment on which we all depend.                                                                  

A small group has been setting out ideas on how we begin to engage with you ? as residents, as existing groups and as local businesses.  Initial activity is likely to involve an after-school Environmental Club, and Community Fair for everyone in the Village Hall on May 2nd next year.

Much will of course depend upon how many want to get involved.  Areas of interest could include locally sourced food and increasing bio-diversity (especially bees and other pollinators); more environmentally friendly transport; our energy use and reducing CO2 emissions; and reducing waste and pollution in all sorts of ways.  There?s probably something for everyone.  

Membership is open to anyone and everyone, young, old – and all of us in between!  We are especially interested in listening to younger residents in the Parish. 

If you care about these issues – please register your interest at –   It doesn?t mean you?re committed to doing anything; however we will take it you agree that we need to be taking a lot more positive actions on the issues.   If you cannot register by email please drop a note through Crown House letter box at the top of the High St with your address details.

When you register we?ll send you a short questionnaire to complete so that we can gauge what interests people most and at what level you might get involved.  We know that in such an active vibrant community for some it?ll be from time to time whereas for others it may become a regular involvement.  For some it may be simply be joining in a conversation.  There are often grant funds available for the right projects ? so ideas, inspiration and innovation are all welcome. 

Whilst climate and biodiversity issues have big implications for our way of life ? that doesn?t mean we shouldn?t have fun and find ways to celebrate our community and its environment whilst taking action. 

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