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A page for you to read about news, events, happenings and anything connected with our Community that might be of interest to you. Whether you are a parishioner, have previously lived here but have now moved away, or have relations here and you want to keep in touch – this is the page for you


The original name for “Napton-on-the-Hill” as recorded in the Doomsday Book


If you want to research your family’s genealogy and it has a “Napton connection”, please mail to:

Also, if you have any old documents or photographs of Napton in the past, we would be delighted to receive copies of them to post on the web site.

The intention is to ensure that a record is created that will reflect the village & its community during the last 100> 200 years.



2016 Progressive Supper 2016 will be held on Saturday June 4th

For all newcomers to the village (and for those who have yet to take part),

here are a few facts about Napton’s Progressive Supper

It’s not about the ‘food’, it’s about getting to know your fellow villagers.

Each course will be for 8 people – 4 couples (including yourselves).

You will eat each course (starters, main course, dessert) in a different home, with different couples.

Food allergies / intolerances (though not preferences!) can be catered for.

Courses are determined by ‘the draw’, date TBA.

All villagers (adults) are welcome to take part.

Progressive Supper ‘virgins’ will be non-catering and will make a donation to a chosen charity. 

If you are unable to attend the draw and would like to take part in this year’s Supper, please let us know and we will make the draw for you.

Please contact:-

Kathy Evans : 01926 810342

Jo Gilbert : 01926 817382

Jane Tuck : 01926 814893

email : for further details




Crime Prevention


The attached crime prevention Fuel Theft Advice Sheet, provides advice on how to keep your fuel safe and reduce the chances of becoming a victim of fuel theft.


Further advice can be obtained from:

This website contains crime prevention advice and fact sheets on other types of rural crime, local crime reduction events taking place in your local area and information from the Police on current crime trends and incidents. Through the website you are able to sign up to Rural Watch, allowing you to receive emails giving details of crimes in your area.


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