Who we are and what we offer:


  • Naptonteleconsult can provide Consultancy for Quality Management and Business Systems based on hands-on experience of Quality Business Process Management in Major Technology Companies over a period of 30 years. Innovation, Efficiency and Effectiveness are the main drivers behind our mission to help any Business looking to improve its profitability
  • However you currently view your Business from a customer perspective [possibly the most critical test], its profitability, its longevity [‘future proofing’], its competitiveness in the current market sector or whether you just want reassurance that everything is more, or less right, can you afford not to have a critical appraisal from another pair of focussed eyes?
  • Naptonteleconsult will work with you on a totally confidential basis, in the background, checking up on all of the small items easily over looked in a busy office environment to identify things that could be improved, costs to be reduced, new markets to be explored and new ‘tools’ to be introduced to help you to better profitability
  • Whether it is the way in which you use your  telephone to convert sales into firm orders, control the costs of your telecommunications and Office facilities (fixed phones, mobile phones, faxes, pagers, computers, printers, etc) Naptonteleconsult will work with you to ensure that you have the right ‘tools’ for the job  and that they are costing you as little as possible
  • With our help you will know you are effective in serving your Customers whilst, at the same time achieving maximum profitability
  • Naptonteleconsult specialises in working with Small to Medium sized Enterprises, but can call on experiences gained from a lifetime’s work in a large Enterprise which  dealt with a complete range of small to large scale procurement of Goods and Services whilst delivering excellent Customer Satisfaction. These ranged from small working units of less than 10 members to major ones of 1,000 or more from the Chief Executive level to major ‘real time’ operational areas where time, cost and availability were critical to the success of the Organisation’s Output

Naptonteleconsult will:

  • Audit your ‘Business Processes’ to help your business become more efficient
  • Audit your ‘Office Equipment’ and recommend any improvements that will increase efficiency
  • Analyse your ‘Paperwork Systems’ and make proposals that will improve effectiveness
  • Carry out a ‘Risk Analysis’ of your office environment and recommend any changes that can be made to reduce risk of business losses
  • Review your ‘Office Telecommunications Services’ and make recommendations which could lower costs, improve effectiveness and improve office efficiency
  • Undertake ‘Project Management’ on your behalf to design/develop, draw up Specifications, seek Tenders, carry out Tender analysis, place Contracts, supervise Contractors, ensure full compliance with any Specification and Commission new systems to your exact requirements
  • Carry out ‘Mystery Shopping’ to test the effectiveness of ‘Customer Service’ offered and to make suggestions for improvement
  • Make recommendations for ‘New Technology’ to be used in sales and marketing appropriate to the sector the business is operating in
  • Work with you to identify new market sectors for your Products & Services to be offered via trading on the Internet