The Community of Napton-on-the-Hill

Napton WI

The Napton-on-the-Hill Women’s Institute

85th Anniversary Group Photograph

85th Anniversary

The WI has had a Group in Napton-on-the-Hill from June 1925 and has met monthly since that date. It celebrated its 90th birthday in July 2015.

Meetings are held in the Village Hall on the first Tuesday of every month. The membership as of December 2017 was 40+.

Officers of the Committee 2018 :

President  –  Janet Oakey   [01926 815078]

Secretary  –  Hilary Neal  [01926 813279]

Activities and Outings are regularly arranged

Events for 2018

February 6th                  “Talk on Alzheimers”

                                          Wendy Dugmore

                                          Competition:  A sign of Spring


March 6th                        “Hula Hooping”

                                           John Parnell

                                           Competition:  A sporty photo of yourself


April 3rd                          “WI Health Check”

                                         Sue Ensor and Lynne Stubbings

                                         Competition: A “Doctor, Doctor” joke


May 1st                           Resolution Meeting at Southam


June 5th                          “Mind your Motoring Madness”

                                          Paula Cornwall

                                          Competition: A toy car


July 3rd                         “The Brooke Hospital for Animals”

                                        Vicky Farmer

                                        Competition: An animal ornament


August 7th                      Annual Outing


September 4th                “The Friendship Project”

                                          Cheryl Rathbone

                                          Competition: Autumn posy


October 2nd                   “Marton Museum”

                                          David Fry

                                         Competition: A bygone


November 6th                 “Annual Meeting”

                                          Victorian Housekeeping

                                          Ruth Smith

                                          Competition:  A written, old household tip


December 4th                     To be confirmed

                                           Competition: A Christmas candle



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WI Group Photo

Meetings are held in Napton Village Hall at 7.30pm

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